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Magic happens in 5 days. Tell Amazing Stories Update.

In less than one week—only 5 days actually—we kick off our first ever 4 week collaborative learning adventure: Tell Amazing Stories!

While we’re geeked that so many incredible filmmakers will be on board to serve as the best professors for which any storyteller could ask, and though we can’t wait to see what kind of collaborative films we’ll build together, there is one thing about which we are tremendously stoked:

Tell Amazing Stories will teach you everything you could ever need to discover the stories you love, lift them to unimaginable heights, and carry them away all on your own terms.

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The first waves are in: we are now accepting Filmmakers to Story & Heart.

At Story & Heart, we’re building an ecosystem—a network of support; a haven for true expression; a place that creators and their creations can call home.

So we’re thrilled, delighted, and even a bit hysterical to announce that the doors to Story & Heart are finally opening...

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Ask Us Anything. A Live Story & Heart Community Event!

You have questions. The Story & Heart community has answers.

Tune in live on April 29th at 6 PM PST, when Story & Heart will host a panel of filmmakers from all over the country who will answer the questions you’ve always had about everything filmmaking and storytelling: gear, creative processes, inspirations, lives, favorite on-set snacks—really, ask us anything!

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Tell a remarkable story.

Story & Heart will be joining Stillmotion on the road throughout February and March (as well as a bit of April) to meet up with filmmakers from coast to coast who are as ecstatic as we are to change the way we approach film: by bringing remarkable stories to life. Together.

It’s no coincidence it's called the Storytelling With Heart tour.

Through these series of workshops, meet-ups, discussions, and filming opportunities, we’ll inspire each other to rediscover the joy that first sent us, camera in hand, to capture the kinds of stories we love.

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We’re building something different. Together.

Welcome to Story & Heart.

A cliché statement with which to start our first blog post maybe, but really, there’s no better way to say it. We’re geeked you’re here, and we hope you’ll make yourself at home.

Driven by story. Guided by heart.

Long story short: Story & Heart is both a video licensing platform and a filmmaking community. In the upcoming months you’ll discover quite a bit about how we’re building something different from any licensing company you’ve ever seen before, but for now we’ll keep it simple.

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