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Tell Amazing Stories...with Ryan Booth.

So, really, “thrilled” doesn’t cover it: on Tuesday, June 24th, for the very first of four webinars, Ryan Booth will join us, as well as Patrick from Stillmotion, to Tell Amazing Stories.

In just 4 days, we’ll be announcing our inaugural Exploration, and the following day you’ll be able to hang out with Ryan as he shows you his own Exploration story, as well as share the thought and process behind bringing it to life—the challenges he stomped out, the triumphs he reveled in, and then, of course, the film he came up with.

That’s not all! 

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4 years of film school in 12 hours: Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion Tour.

Vincent Laforet’s brand new Directing Motion workshop had its inaugural tour date in Philadelphia on Tuesday, and for any storyteller this is a unique opportunity to up your game.

We are all kinds of excited for what Vincent’s doing. So much so, we asked one of our Story & Heart community members to give us their impression from the very first stop of Vincent’s tour.

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10 things our filmmaking community taught us about storytelling at Ask Us Anything.

While we’re still basking in the afterglow of a night of burning questions answered—of our filmmaking community come together to help each other tell the stories we love—we continue to process all of the lessons learned and the new friendships forged.

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7 important filmmaking questions asked by you. A taste of Ask Us Anything.

The time has finally come!

Well, actually: tomorrow, the time will finally come!

Our Ask Us Anything Live Story & Heart Community Event kicks off at 6:00 PM PST—that’s tomorrow night—and we can already barely contain our excitement for what we’ve got going down.

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Storytelling, team-building, and the magic in between. A conversation with Stillmotion.

The story of Stillmotion is all about collaboration.

Or maybe flip that around: for Stillmotion, collaboration is all about story.

For more than a decade, from wedding films to a feature-length documentary and the Final Four, from Toronto all the way across the continent to the West Coast, the filmmakers in Stillmotion—a full-service production studio based out of Portland, OR—have always depended on story to guide them—their past, their present, and wherever they’re going next.

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Comfort, care, collaboration, and coffee. Designing a workspace fit for family.

Some 40 miles northwest of Houston, at the end of a rural road lined preternaturally with trees, ranches, and truckstops—a road where it’s almost too easy to get stuck driving behind a semi for more than 30 minutes—is a town where 31Films and Film Lab Creative built a studio space they were more than happy to call home.

The town is called Magnolia, Texas. Which also happens to be where every team member lives.

The idea of home plays a crucial role in 31Films’ workplace. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it’s one almost habitually avoided in practice.

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How many days have you forgotten? A conversation with Gnarly Bay.

In a small studio in Westerly, Rhode Island, two filmmakers are doing what they love: living each day as if it were their last.

Their names are Dan Riordan and Dana Saint, of Gnarly Bay Productions

If you’ve visited their Vimeo page, then you know that the power of their films lies in their ability to translate huge emotions through slight moments and even slighter gestures.

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