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The beauty on your block: 3 ways to find story in the details.

We’re now half-way through our second week of Tell Amazing Stories, Story & Heart’s first-ever 4 week collaborative filmmaking course, and we've challenged our attendees to find beauty in their everyday, and in turn they taught us so much more about the importance for any storyteller to be present.

But how? Here are 3 ways we’ve learned to be more aware, to be more present in the moment, care of our Tell Amazing Stories course.

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Weekend Reads: practice a life worth living.

Practice is about being aware: listening as a function of discovery, and understanding patience as the difference between good and great.

Which is why here at Story & Heart we see experience as a storyteller’s best teacher: simply go out, take a camera, and explore your world.

With that in mind, here are 4 recent reads we’ve encountered which treat practice as an art unto itself.

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Weekend Reads: the invisible artist.

this week's reading list is all about being invisible: artists who create art so immersive, so utterly captivating, we forget we're even in the midst of something that's been constructed at all. From actors to designers, from photographers to, of course, directors, the best stories don't even seem like stories at all.

They seem like a part of us.

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Weekend Reads: forget your fear, remember this day.

For any storyteller, the best stories are those we’ve captured on an ordinary day.

Which is why this week’s reading list is all about forgetting your fear: of danger, of judgment, of missing out, of reward—and simply heading out into a moment to experience it for what it is. Fully.

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Breaking down the blockbuster: how Godzilla reminds us that no story is ever too big to tell.

If you saw Godzilla over Memorial Day weekend, you know that the meat and potatoes of any monster movie is enormity.

Which can get to is the heart of every storyteller’s, well...biggest fear:

Some stories just feel too big to even attempt to tell, even when we know we must.

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Resistance, creative block, procrastination. How are you supposed to tackle them alone?

You’re a filmmaker and you have a problem that seems insurmountable.

Whatever it is that’s stumped you, be it financial, physical, or existential, it can always seem like a lot for one creative person to tackle alone.

But now imagine that you find a place, a resource to which or a person to whom you can turn with literally any one of these questions...

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Business or pleasure? What to read, watch, listen to, and do this weekend.

It’s Friday, which for many means the end of the work week—the difference between doing what you love and loving what you do seems all the more a sensitive distinction.

The surest sign of a solid business/life balance is enjoying that transition between “work” and “play”—and sometimes not recognizing the difference.

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Embrace the new. What to read, watch, listen to, and do this weekend.

Story & Heart has had what many would consider an insanely active week, pit as our team was between attending the wonderful world of NAB 2014 and high-fiving our burgeoning community on the final stops of the Storytelling With Heart Tour (including our epic Portland return).

In the weeks to come, we will have so much more to share about our time touring the continent, but until then: Spring is in full swing, and chances are the weather where you are will fully represent that fact.

The weekend is calling.

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Storytelling in tune. Finding the perfect soundtrack for your film.

It’s there in the name. No fuss, a clear call to action: Travel Oregon.

Of course, here at Story & Heart we wonder why there even needs to be such a call—isn’t it a well-known truth that Oregon is a heart-stoppingly gorgeous place? That this blocky state nestled in the upper corner of the country seems to be full of transplants for a reason?

People come to Oregon because they know we’re in tune with our surroundings.

Although we may just be biased.

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Comfort, care, collaboration, and coffee. Designing a workspace fit for family.

Some 40 miles northwest of Houston, at the end of a rural road lined preternaturally with trees, ranches, and truckstops—a road where it’s almost too easy to get stuck driving behind a semi for more than 30 minutes—is a town where 31Films and Film Lab Creative built a studio space they were more than happy to call home.

The town is called Magnolia, Texas. Which also happens to be where every team member lives.

The idea of home plays a crucial role in 31Films’ workplace. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it’s one almost habitually avoided in practice.

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The why of the samurai. How to rediscover your passion for storytelling.

That person to the right is Dom. He's what we here at Story & Heart call a Connector.

Dom works in the spaces between the people and places of our community. Be it through our social media outlets, this Blog, or in person, he links the many pieces of Story & Heart—our talent, our voices, our passion—together. 

Dom's a pretty big samurai movie buff, so we asked him to write about one of his favorite films—and more importantly, help us understand how that film, a quiet flick about feudal Japan, rekindled his love for telling stories.

Dom bowed geekily to our request.

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Storytelling is what makes us human.

Storytelling is written into our DNA. It's an organic cornerstone to our existence. As Jonathan Gottschall, a scholar who's written at length about the "intersection between science and art", has said:

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

We can't help ourselves. Storytelling is one of our strongest, oldest impulses.


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