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Weekend Reads: practice a life worth living.

Practice is about being aware: listening as a function of discovery, and understanding patience as the difference between good and great.

Which is why here at Story & Heart we see experience as a storyteller’s best teacher: simply go out, take a camera, and explore your world.

With that in mind, here are 4 recent reads we’ve encountered which treat practice as an art unto itself.

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Weekend Reads: the invisible artist.

this week's reading list is all about being invisible: artists who create art so immersive, so utterly captivating, we forget we're even in the midst of something that's been constructed at all. From actors to designers, from photographers to, of course, directors, the best stories don't even seem like stories at all.

They seem like a part of us.

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Weekend Reads: forget your fear, remember this day.

For any storyteller, the best stories are those we’ve captured on an ordinary day.

Which is why this week’s reading list is all about forgetting your fear: of danger, of judgment, of missing out, of reward—and simply heading out into a moment to experience it for what it is. Fully.

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