We’re building something different. Together.

Welcome to Story & Heart.

A cliché statement with which to start our first blog post maybe, but really, there’s no better way to say it. We’re geeked you’re here, and we hope you’ll make yourself at home.

Driven by story. Guided by heart.

Long story short: Story & Heart is both a video licensing platform and a filmmaking community. In the upcoming months you’ll discover quite a bit about how we’re building something different from any licensing company you’ve ever seen before, but for now we’ll keep it simple.

Story & Heart is a place where filmmakers can find the freedom to tell the stories they love while earning more than just a passive income. It is a haven for life’s captured moments, where selling your footage does not mean you’re required to also sell your soul.

When you share with us, you’re not just assigning us as guardians of a few seconds-long clips, you’re handing over days, weeks, even hundreds of hours of setbacks, loneliness, failures, fears—but  all of your moments of success and unbridled joy too.

You’re sharing with us an important piece of you. And that means the world to us.

Story & Heart is a filmmaking community built by storytellers for storytellers. 

We believe that by having a place where we can come together, share our enthusiasm and experience, and combine our insight and talent, we will be able to mine the passion and excitement that drew all of us to filmmaking in the first place.

With the right tools and support, you’ll be able to go out and tell the stories you love. And it’s the stories you love that will change the world.

So, big plans, we know. But since all good things must start somewhere, here we are: the Story & Heart Blog is your first taste of what we’ve got cooking.

Check back in with the Story & Heart Blog on Wednesday for our conversation with Dan and Dana at Gnarly Bay. 

Check back in with the Story & Heart Blog on Wednesday for our conversation with Dan and Dana at Gnarly Bay. 

This will make more sense when on Wednesday we’ll share a recent chat we had with Dana and Dan, two of the phenomenal folks at Gnarly Bay, about what first compelled them to pick up a camera, and then, all these years later, what keeps them reaching for one.

Check out a little preview below:

This is the kind of content we have in store here at the Story & Heart Blog. From discussions of craft with filmmaking veterans, to rich overviews of the kinds of content you can find on our platform care of some—we’re pretty sure—of the most engaging creative voices on the planet, we expect this blog to be a place where great conversations can begin.

Essentially, this is the backbone of the Story & Heart community.

And like any spine, be it book or bone, it’s from here we can spread out and give shape to the rest of the body. We may provide a helpful guide to a specific technique, or pick apart an exciting new piece of equipment; we may ask filmmakers of all skill levels to write about what makes them tick, or tell a story about a moment of fear followed by an even grander moment of jubilation; we may mix some metaphors; we may get a tad mushy—but here we hope you find the inspiration to march out into the world and track down the stories you were meant to tell.

Together we can grow something mightier than anything we could nurture on our own.

There is strength in numbers, after all. Ask any chiropractor.

Excited? We are, and this is only the beginning of our story together. Which means there’s no better time to start spreading the word about Story & Heart. Tell your friends and fellow filmmakers, share some enthusiasm on Facebook, indulge some curiosity on Twitter, or simply whisper our name into the wind: if you’re inspired, you’ll inspire others.

Visit storyandheart.com to sign up and begin building with us.

Plus we have something special in mind for those heeding this call to action. Stay tuned—get pumped.

And don’t forget to come back to the Story & Heart Blog on Wednesday to spend some more time with Gnarly Bay. Let’s keep this conversation moving.