3 good excuses to go make something beautiful this weekend.

With the weekend upon us, there’s no better excuse to take Gnarly Bay’s advice: grab a camera, climb off the couch, step from the stoop (or whatever happens to be at the door to your domicile), and head out into the world to see what you can capture.

Now’s not the time to slow down.

Yet, at Story & Heart we know that motivation isn’t always the easiest to come by, especially when the less extraordinary rigors of life are staring you down. 

So, in an attempt to prompt you to make this weekend one more duo of days you’ll have a lot trouble forgetting, we’ve found one film to watch to help you plunge into the weekend with a revitalized sense of wonder and adventure.

"Worn Wear"

“Worn Wear” follows the life of a number of articles of clothing made by Patagonia, as well as the people who wear them, to determine what kinds of stories and experiences we can accumulate when we break from the cycle of waste familiar to so many of us.

In Worn Wear we’ve found 3 reasons to help you make this weekend one more beautiful part of your story.

We like to call them good excuses:

1. The perfect opportunity won’t last.

Perhaps it’s a stretch to call finding a Patagonia jacket at a thrift store the perfect opportunity, but throughout the film, the pieces of clothing most cherished are those already harboring years of stories.

Steve Sprinkle, certified organic farmer from Ojai, California—who refers to his calling as "more like a religion"—retells the mystical union of him and his jacket, as if he had been in the exact right place at the exact right time.

“I picked this jacket up, and it just felt good...it’s my favorite thing.”

2. You can’t plan adventure. You have to let it find you.

Kristin Gates, with whom we catch up in Buckskin Gulch, Utah, has collectively hiked over 10,000 miles in her 25 years on the planet, and her Patagonia hat has been with her for more than half that time. She describes her excursions as arduous and lonely, but more than worth the trouble, because she can never foresee what an open mind and an even more open landscape can provide.

“The longer I keep a piece of gear, the more stories it accumulates, and the more memories.”

3. The stories you live have a life themselves. Show them the respect they deserve.

As folks from every corner of the continent discuss the resiliency of their Patagonia gear, what they’re really sharing is the stories behind their clothes. These are more than shirts and pants and bibs, they’re dear friends who have stayed by their side. That’s what beautiful memories can do for you.

There’s Christo Grayling, who surfs in Baja, and adores his board shorts.

“I just knew I had something that I wanted to keep on this earth.”

Jim Brady, a teacher from Gaviota, California, is also an avid cyclist and environmentalist. His red jacket he hasn’t given up after 15 years.

“I could’ve gotten rid of this a long time ago, but it tells a story every time I put it on, and shake the sand out of it maybe, or dry it off if it’s been in the rain. I can look at it and remember, and I get to tell other people stories off that too.”

As filmmakers, that rings true. Watch "Worn Wear" and replace these favorite pieces of clothing with an image, a film.

What drives us to capture our stories is to not only keep them close to our hearts, but to help others experience them too—to experience the beauty we see in the world.

In this we hope we can again, somehow, find the same magic we did when, for at least an unexpected, fleeting moment—early on a Saturday morning, maybe—we decided to pick up our camera and share the magic that found us first.

Now go. Capture the story of your weekend. It will be beautiful. 

Then come back and tell us in the comments below what kind of opportunities you took, or what kind of adventures you stumbled into. And be sure to visit Worn Wear to read even more about these special stories we all wear.