Tell a remarkable story.

Story & Heart will be joining Stillmotion on the road throughout February and March (as well as a bit of April) to meet up with filmmakers from coast to coast who are as ecstatic as we are to change the way we approach film: by bringing remarkable stories to life. Together.

It’s no coincidence it's called the Storytelling With Heart tour.

Through these series of workshops, meet-ups, discussions, and filming opportunities, we’ll inspire each other to rediscover the joy that first sent us, camera in hand, to capture the kinds of stories we love.

It’s probably obvious that we can barely contain our excitement.

This is exactly what we’ve been talking about here at Story & Heart:

When we join forces, whatever we built apart will pale compared to what we can do side by side.

Now’s our chance to do this face to face.

Since it all pops off in exactly one week, there’s no time to waste. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Here’s the Why.

We’ll just go ahead and quote the website, because this nails our core belief at Story & Heart:

Storytelling With Heart is all about becoming a remarkable storyteller. That happens inside each of us, not with a camera, lens, or Steadicam.

We don’t have solutions. What we do have is a toolbox of approaches. A web of connections and a combined wealth of experience to help you begin—or continue with renewed energy—your creative journey.

Here’s the What. (And some of the Who.)

Workshops are one-day smorgasbords of guided group discussion, interactive problem solving, and exercises all aimed at providing you with the resources, tools, and confidence to tell the kinds of stories you love.

The best part? 

Each workshop will be a totally custom experience. We'll brainstorm and discuss the concepts and stories that are unique to you.

And the, er, other best part?

All attendees are invited to an in-field shoot the morning following the workshop, where you can join Stillmotion and Story & Heart to film together, pick our brains, and get to know like-minded storytellers in your area.

We've got a bunch of gear for you to play with from our friends at LensProToGo, Zacuto, Kessler, Rode, Westcott, Manfrotto, and Freefly.

Hey, don’t forget the Where, as well as the When.

Storytelling With Heart kicks off in San Francisco on February 3rd and loops through 28 cities before concluding in Portland—our HQ—on April 8th. Needless to say, the next couple of months are going to be wild.

Here at Story & Heart, it’s no surprise we’re all about seizing the perfect opportunity before it gets away.

Come out and collaborate to create a day of storytelling magic.

Visit for a list of all of the cities we'll visit, as well as workshop times and a detailed overview about everything we've got in store.

Are you attending? Raise your hand in the comments below and we’ll make sure to high-five it when we’re in town.

(Bonus hint about high-fives: always watch the elbow.)