One truth to inspire. A conversation

We'd like to introduce you to the Story & Heart Truth Booth.

Well, actually, we can't introduce you to it here, on the Blog itself. Because we're taking it on every stop of the Storytelling With Heart Tour, it's currently in transit. Instead, we'll show you what it can do.

Our stories will sing when we tell them in chorus.

We believe that when you are inspired to tell stories you love—those that come from a place of passion, the same passion that drove us to identify as filmmakers in the first place—you will inspire others to do the same.

We started the Truth Booth with a beautifully simple idea: inspire others.

At each workshop in each city we ask storytellers in attendance to enter the Truth Booth to share one piece of truth to inspire other storytellers.

It could be some advice, a short story about success, or even—especially—failure, a heart's desire, or something which compelled you to ever grab a camera at all. Remember those so-called good excuses?

A truth for our booth is anything that comes honestly spilling from a storyteller's mouth when reflecting on his or her creative journey up to that point.

Because the truth is that as filmmakers we're constantly aware not just of our strengths, but of our very unique weaknesses.

Too often we let these weaknesses convince us that we're not capable of telling truly amazing stories, let alone help us feel comfortable collaborating with fellow filmmakers.

But community is about sharing in both our strengths and our weaknesses, so that together we'll build something exceptional. Something impossible built alone.

We have no doubt that after 30 cities, we'll have heard hundreds of wonderful truths from filmmakers taking just a few seconds to open themselves up completely. In turn, we'll share them all with you.

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