Resistance, creative block, procrastination. How are you supposed to tackle them alone?

You’re a filmmaker and you have a problem that seems insurmountable.

You can’t find enough clients; you don’t understand how self-employment taxes work; you just can’t get comfortable during interviews; Final Cut and Adobe Premiere seem like esoteric cryptograms; you need help with lighting; your creative inspiration is drying up—whatever it is that’s stumped you, be it financial, physical, or existential, it can always seem like a lot for one creative person to tackle alone.

We apologize if our hypothetical story is starting to make you feel hypothetically anxious—but bear with us.

Because now imagine that you find a place—through a Facebook link or introduced over coffee with a friend—a resource to which or a person to whom you can turn with literally any one of these questions. This place will not only give you the kinds of answers you seek—from the perspectives, too, of people who have overcome every single one of these obstacles or pondered every single one of these questions—but the support necessary to continue.

You can solve your own problems by helping others solve theirs.

This “place” is what we’re building at Story & Heart. We're a community of like-minded creators, where filmmakers are given the right tools, encouragement, knowledge, and shared experience to be able to tell their stories as they know they must tell them—with purpose, with passion, and with the same heart that drew them to pick up a camera in the first place.

Since community and collaboration are inherent to every single idea that makes us who we are, then so is safety.

At Story & Heart, this is who we are: we want you to feel safe sharing the important pieces of who you are.

Which is where our Ask Us Anything Live Community Event comes in.

Ask Us Anything, on April 29th, is that haven: a place where a filmmaker or a storyteller can ask all the questions he or she has never felt comfortable asking, or has never had a chance to ask, or has never even thought to ask—all without the kind of judgment that would drive any one of us to give up, or run away, or become even more isolated as lone creatives.

Answering all your questions will be a panel of incredible filmmakers: Gnarly Bay, Stillmotion, Vincent Laforet, Film Lab Creative, The Delivery Men, Capture Studios, and Ryan Booth

With each of these filmmakers comes years of experience—as well as years of overcoming obstacles, of facing fears, of exploring the purpose and passion that drew them to filmmaking in the first place. And so with each answer to your questions comes the knowledge that each filmmaker isn't just speaking from a place of authority, but from experience, having been in your proverbial shoes, questioning the same proverbial problems.

Which is why they're gathering in one place for Ask Us Anything: to help you—to help each other—in the same way they were once helped.

Confidence, inspiration, revelation: these come from feeling secure and sure enough to be able to share the stories that matter to you most.

We’ve built our Ask Us Anything event as that safe place for our community: so you're comfortable asking those questions that don’t come easily—and that, we hope, will make for answers that touch essential ideas about who we are as storytellers: our setbacks, our loneliness, our failures…

...and all of our moments of success and unbridled joy too.

On April 29th, at 6:00 PM PST, we invite you to Ask Us Anything!

Really, we mean it.

Share this event with your friends and fellow filmmakers by using the hashtag #HangoutWithHeart and then tune in at 6:00 PM PST!

Follow the action live right here.

Or to participate with the live Google+ Hangout On Air, join our #HangoutWithHeart here.

We hope you're as ecstatic as we are to discover what will happen when you're given the right tools and support to tell the stories you love, because the stories you love can change the world.