Tell Amazing Stories: Introducing Story & Heart's 4-Week Collaborative Filmmaking Course.

Here at Story & Heart, we’re always learning how to be better storytellers. Maybe this is obvious?

We’ve gone to conferences to find the latest in camera gear; we’ve attended workshops to harness some tips and hone some tricks to take with us on our next shoot; we’re always up on the latest industry news.

We read blogs, reviews, articles, and think-pieces. We are always watching films, trying to pick up on technique, trying to bask in the brilliance of storytellers who seem to have it all figured out.

But what we’ve really learned? No matter the amount of experience we have or the years of practice we’ve piled through:

No one has it all figured out. All of that inquiry...and only more questions.

There is always more to learn, always new worlds to explore, always new stories to discover.

A storyteller’s path has no end.

Which is why we’re building the Story & Heart community with you: we’re all on this never-ending path together. And that the best education any storyteller can have is by taking one more step every day.

It’s at the core of everything we’re about: our education is experiential and collaborative. Because experience is the best teacher. Because community is the best classroom.

We learn when we do. And we learn better when we do together.

We’re practically bursting at the seams to announce Story & Heart’s first interactive educational opportunity:

Tell Amazing Stories: our 4 Week Collaborative Filmmaking Workshop!

Our 4 week collaborative film course kicks off on June 23rd, and runs until July 21st. 

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