Calling all storytellers: Apply to be a Story & Heart Filmmaker.

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place for storytellers.

Of course, you’re probably wondering: how exactly are we going to go about doing this?

Story & Heart is part stock footage licensing platform and big part filmmaking community. The licensing platform supports the community, and in turn the filmmaking community supports the individual storyteller—the result being an inexhaustibly great trove of story-based content, fostering an ecosystem that sustains itself on one simple goal: to help storytellers tell amazing stories.

By joining Story & Heart, you are joining us in building a safe haven for storytellers all over the world.

So, what exactly is included in the Story & Heart filmmaking community?

1. Story & Heart is a place to learn.

We help each other become better storytellers through combining our real-world experience.

As we learned from some of the amazing filmmakers on our Ask Us Anything panel, education is your best experience, and our education—be it in life, in art, in the process of creation, or in the process of discovering our own voices—never ends.

No matter your accumulated amount of experience of your acquired level of expertise, a storyteller will always have more to learn.

Each of us have weaknesses, just as each of us have strengths. When we combine these—and not even that, but admit them so that we can embrace our journeys as storytellers—we lift each other up.

In fact, the Story & Heart community features a series of educational content: filmmaking tutorials, techniques, tools, tips, tricks, and even more Ask Us Anything panels—all of this care of our community members, and all of this totally free, totally available, and totally perusable to our community members' hearts' content.

If that weren't enough, we're already got some seriously major educational adventures in the works. We can't give too much away, but we are beyond stoked at some upcoming storytelling-based Story & Heart excursions.

2. Story & Heart is a place to collaborate.

We help each other become better storytellers through combining our resources.

It’s like that old adage: give someone a fish, and that person will eat for a day. Teach someone to fish, and that person could eat for a lifetime. But what if the person just lives too far away from the water?

Collaboration is so much more than the exchange of knowledge, it’s the sharing of tools—providing both the wisdom and the ways to bring stories to life.

Too often storytellers are used to working within the bounds of their own creative islands, convinced that this is how filmmaking—and its prominent freelance culture— 

Story & Heart wants to change the way your stories are told by pushing those islands together, by creating one land mass where filmmakers can easily connect—both online and, more importantly, in person. What's more: we facilitate those connections without cost.

The Story & Heart community making a huge March Madness project possible: Ray and  Ryan  meet from opposite ends of the country to collaborate.

The Story & Heart community making a huge March Madness project possible: Ray and Ryan meet from opposite ends of the country to collaborate.

In March we assembled teams to shoot both March Madness and the Final Four, which led to two hour-long specials on CBS.

That's two full hours on network TV during one of the most high-profile sporting events of the year! This was our very first collaborative community project, and no hyperbole: it was absolutely huge! 

It showed us what our storytelling community can really do when joining forces. Without collaboration—stringing together that complex web of connections—"Moments of March Madness" would have been impossible for us to see through.

In fact, throughout February and March, we joined our friends at Stillmotion for their Storytelling With Heart Tour. In each of the 30 cities visited, we hosted, the day after each workshop, a collaborative shoot day. Our goal was simple: to bring together, in person, all the members of our burgeoning filmmaking community to shoot one scene from the collaborative film we're currently in the process of finishing.

Imagine a film literally made by 1000s of members of our filmmaking community, working together in the field, sharing resources in person. If we start by re-imagining how we can tell the stories we love, then we can then set our sights higher:

Re-imagine what it means to license your footage, what it means to earn an income, or how community can transform your whole creative process.

Story & Heart’s vision is one of discovering what happens when filmmakers are given the right tools to mine the passion that first drew you—that drew all of us—to filmmaking, be it 10 years ago, or just yesterday.

Not to sound all super patriotic or anything, but: we call that freedom. Creative freedom. 

3. Story & Heart is a place to encourage.

We help each other become better storytellers through emotional and creative support.

No matter the amount of talent you have, the knowledge you’ve gained, or the resources you’ve explored, at Story & Heart we understand all too well that we’re navigating an industry that is often bent on a freelance-based modus operandi.

Which means that alone, we struggle. We become tired, jaded, burnt out, or even just isolated, unable to trust anyone to share in our passion or vision for what we know our stories could be. This is what we mean by those creative islands: you feel like support isn't a possibility.

To support one another is to share in a common struggle—to embrace, in the purest sense of the phrase, that we are truly all in this together.

Because it’s a sad thing to lose passion for one of life’s true loves.

Story & Heart provides a forum, via the licensing platform, wherein passion and the pressures of a paycheck can find some harmony in the act of simply being able to license the kind of work into which each our filmmakers have poured hours, days, and weeks of their heart's fervor.

Look back to last week's Ask Us Anything: while it provided our filmmaking community with 90 minutes of education, especially under the spirit of collaboration, it was, above all, a demonstration of the power of supporting one another.

During last week's  Ask Us Anything , we had a safe haven for storytellers: a place of learning, collaboration, and encouragement, removed from judgement, fear, and the burden of client expectations.

During last week's Ask Us Anything, we had a safe haven for storytellers: a place of learning, collaboration, and encouragement, removed from judgement, fear, and the burden of client expectations.

Because for 90 minutes we all enjoyed a safe place for storytellers—a place of pure support, a place where honest discussions could happen openly, and without an overall air of self-consciousness or fear, in order to not just confront what we don't know, but to celebrate it, together:

Only then will you ever ask the right questions to find the right answers to push you to become the amazing storyteller you know you can be.

By connecting like-minded filmmakers from so many different backgrounds and levels of experience, the Story & Heart community is where a creator can seek out constructive criticism.

Story & Heart believes that passion is the most important thing we can bring to story. So when our enthusiasm flags, or when our energy dulls, the best way that we can be refreshed is through those who understand exactly how we got to that point.

This sounds like a place I could call home. So how can I apply?

Apply to be a Story & Heart Filmmaker by clicking the button below.

We want to know you—we want to get to know everyone who is a part of our community—and we want to understand your “why”: why you believe you are a storyteller, why you use film to tell the stories you love, why, even, you love the stories you do.

This is how we ensure that each member of our community is on the same page—that each person wants to give to the community, and not just take from it.

The Story & Heart community is a place of safety: free from judgement, fear, and the demands of client expectations. Story & Heart is a haven.

We know that in order to tell the stories you love, you must feel sure and secure enough to share an important piece of you.

Applying to be a Story & Heart Filmmaker not only gives you access to such a safe harbor, it gives you an invaluable sense of ownership: this community you helped build, and in turn it will help build you into the storyteller you know you can be.

Questions? Probably: we know the application may be unfamiliar—we know you’re used to some regular ol' run-of-the-mill apps, so we are on hand and totally available to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us anytime at

And now, one of the many moments you’ve been waiting for:

The winner of the Kessler Stealth Slider!

We couldn't feel luckier to have the chance to partner with our friends at Kessler Crane to give a Stealth Slider to some members of our community who, through creativity and the strength of their individual voices—plus a hardy dose of humor—bring to life the excitement in seeing what kind of magic we can wield by working together.

With their expansive and rapidly growing KesslerU, Kessler is actively using educational content to help filmmakers learn from one another. As they state on their site:

As filmmakers and artists it’s important to constantly reevaluate how things are perceived and how jobs are approached.

To do so, they believe, is to work together—to build an indelible resource "for filmmakers by filmmakers". (Sound familiar?)

In Kessler we've found very like-minded, kindred spirits.

The closer we got to the deadline on Sunday, the more incredible “entries” we received, so it became harder and harder to pick one from the bunch.

But, duty called, and so: the winner is....

Jessica and Shawn, from Vancouver, BC!

Check out the hilarious video they made for us on Jessica's Vimeo page.

And many, many thanks to everyone who shared #HangoutWithHeart, showed their support, and stuck around with us last Tuesday for the event!

Stay tuned for the crazy amount of ideas we have in store—because this is only the beginning for what we've got planned for our filmmaking community. Let's continue this journey together, building something so much greater than anything we could nurture alone.