is officially live!

Story & Heart, the world’s first story-based stock footage licensing platform, is now totally alive!

Don't believe me? Check it out:

It’s a sharing economy, an ecosystem of storytellers helping storytellers.

And I want to personally welcome you to it.

Here’s why:

With our community of like-minded, loving filmmakers—many of which I met on the Storytelling With Heart Tour (Hi, all!)—I’ve spent months building something to which I’ve felt indelibly connected.

When I first joined Story & Heart, I was attracted by a simple idea presented to me even more simply: that Story & Heart was going to do one thing, and do it with as much heart and enthusiasm and unbridled glee as possible.

Which was, and is, to help storytellers tell amazing stories.

Amazing stories, I was told, are told from a place of passion: of authenticity, of devotion, of understanding the power of a well-told story to bring people together.

Amazing stories, I was told, could change the world.

Which: cool, great, wonderful, I thought—but how does that apply to me?

I was struggling at a desk job to pay bills while I struggled even more to make any sort of sustainable income off of one freelance gig after another, dreading the gap growing between the amount of time and effort I was putting into writing projects and the amount of income I was receiving—and meanwhile inching ever-closer to the kinds of writing and the kinds of clients with which I’d be embarrassed to work.

Yet, that’s what was required of me. Or so I thought. Or not even thought: accepted. Resigned myself to.

I felt trapped, and isolated to boot. Writing is already a solitary practice in itself, but to add to that I increasingly let paranoia creep in, competition governing all of my once creative effort until I sufficed to submit shells of what I once felt passionate about, all in order to hit a deadline and make some scratch.

When I was told that Story & Heart could help filmmakers by helping filmmakers help other storytellers tell amazing stories, I suddenly saw the connection: in helping others tell amazing stories, Story & Heart is fostering a community.

And in community any artist—filmmaker or not—can remember, can draw energy from, and can sustain that passion that first brought him or her—first brought you, and first brought me—to that art in the first place.

I recognized in that single mission something so much deeper: a desire to help artists do what they love, and find the resources, support, and freedom to do more of it—forever and ever.

Earn a passive income; rely on others to help you learn more, collaborate more, and encourage one another; become better at your craft through experience, through doing more than hearing, as well as through the openly offered know-how and experience of those within the community; and find inspiration through inspiring others—all of this by joining Story & Heart, by helping someone tell an amazing story.

Which is why I want to invite you, filmmaker, to a community you don’t have to tirelessly search to track down.

Head over to, explore what kinds of stories we have in store, and if you want to join hundreds of filmmakers in setting up the kind of place where storytellers help storytellers, all in order to celebrate the power of one of the oldest vital building blocks of humankind (I mean story, of course) then apply to be a Filmmaker and start getting your footage on the platform.

Click here to apply.