Sony FS7 review & Westcott Ice Light winner.

Our friends at B&H Photo Video recently shipped us a very hot camera to review: the Sony FS7.

On paper, it looks really, really good:

Internal 4k, up to 180FPS, 14 stops of dynamic range, and 10 bit 422 recording all built into an ergonomically designed camera that's less than $8,000 USD.

Now, like our Panasonic GH4 review or our Blackmagic Ursa review, we’ve lined up several shoots that are designed to really put the FS7 through the paces. Our goal? To see how it performs and stacks up against other cameras and then share our findings with you.

Needless to say, we’re excited to get out there, film with this camera, and totally geek out over it’s features. But, for the first time ever, we’re opening up the floor to you—before we’ve even turned the camera on—to make this a collaborative endeavor. 

SHARE WITH US what you’d like us to INCLUDE IN OUR FS7 Review.

It’s super easy to participate. Here's how:

  1. Click here to head on over to this video on Instagram
  2. In the comments of the video describe what you’d like us to test and share in our review
  3. Tag at least one friend who is interested in the Sony FS7

Again, head on over to this Instagram video and let us know what you'd like to know about the Sony FS7 and be sure to tag a friend (or 10) who you think would love to know more about the camera as well.

Westcott Ice Light Winner

We bring the Westcott Ice Light on every production. And now one of you can as well. 

Drumroll please...


The winner of the Ice Light is: Lewis Callaway

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Ice Light giveaway with our friends at Westcott.

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