Academy of Storytellers: What You're Missing.

Four weeks ago, we launched the Academy of Storytellers, a story-driven film school that teaches you everything it takes to tell amazing stories and build a successful filmmaking business. And we’ve received some truly incredible feedback from filmmakers saying how the tutorials, webinars and additional resources have redefined what education for filmmakers should look like.

But since day one, we’ve witnessed something even more exciting. We’ve seen filmmakers from all over the world come together to ask questions, challenge assumptions and engage in meaningful conversations about how we can become better storytellers – together.

The Academy is a vibrant community where storytellers of all kinds gather around a virtual well of knowledge to learn, build friendships and stay inspired.

This community has already helped filmmakers of different backgrounds and experience levels sharpen their storytelling skills through more than 48 exclusive tutorials. But the collaborative approach means that filmmakers get individualized support that addresses their personal struggles and the difficult challenges they face in running a businesses.

All of this sounds incredible, right? But – as you might expect – it gets better. We’ve got some incredible things up our sleeves, and we’d like to give you the inside scoop on what’s happening next.  

Webinar: How to Get Your Work Seen

When you’re an independent filmmaker, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting your work in front of the right people.

How do you get eyes on the work you’re producing and gain relevant exposure for yourself or your studio? This is a big question we’re going to tackle in this month’s webinar, hosted live this week.

To answer this question, we’re tapping into the expertise of amazing filmmakers and storytellers who will help you learn how to build meaningful connections and get to the next level.

Learn make-or-break skills from the likes of Gnarly Bay, Matt Brue (Capture) and Elaine Sheldon as we discuss topics like:

  • How to get your work in front of people that matter;
  • Gain relevant exposure and build an incredible reputation;
  • Finding the right contacts;
  • Learning the art of the follow up (and how not to be a stalker);
  • How to make a compelling pitch (what you should and shouldn’t say);
  • Talk up your work without sounding full of yourself;
  • And so much more!

You won't want to miss this 90 minute webinar LIVE on Wednesday, February 25th. 

8 New Tutorials Since We’ve Launched… And 2 New Ones Added Every Week

When you join the Academy, you get instant access to 48 exclusive tutorials. But these aren’t your typical lessons on filmmaking, nor are they days of people talking at you leaving you more confused after watching them than you were when you started. No, each punchy video is to the point, actionable and a whole lot of fun.

For each tutorial, we draw on the expertise of some of the best storytellers we know and give you the opportunity to ask tough follow-up questions and challenge big ideas. Plus, we add two new tutorials each week so you never stop learning on your journey as a filmmaker.

Check out some of the tutorials we’ve launched since day one:

  • How to Create An Irresistible Pitch For Your Clients
  • Conducting Remarkable Interviews: Overcoming 4 of the Hardest Challenges
  • How Camera Movement Relates to Story
  • Getting Access to People, Places and Things
  • Get Your Interviewee to Look Into Camera
  • How To Know When To Go From Freelance To Full-time
  • Building a Strong Team: 7 Qualities to Look For

And in the coming weeks, here are just some of the lessons that will be going live on the Academy:

  • Tips for Shooting Live Action Sports
  • Hiding Your Cuts
  • Getting Started With Drone Filmmaking
  • Making the Most Out of Your Drone Footage
  • Sound Mixing On A Budget
  • Landing Great Clients and more!

Join the Academy, and Become a Better Filmmaker Today

Filmmaking is a team sport, and us filmmakers need a supportive community to encourage us, inspire us and keep us moving forward on our storytelling journey. This is why we’ve founded the Academy.

Whether you’re just a beginner or a seasoned pro needing to brush up on your skills, join our community and learn everything you need to be a better filmmaker.