Soundtracks for Storytellers: color grading.

Music is a mysterious medium. We can’t always put a finger on its more elusive qualities, but its emotional impact is undeniable.

As filmmakers, we have an intimate connection with music. We recognize its power because we know how the right song can move our audiences, and we’ve seen how we can transform our stories by tweaking the soundtracks.

But what about the impact music has on us as storytellers?

With this question in mind, we’ve partnered with our friends at Marmoset to create a series of soundtracks for the creative process of filmmaking.

The first soundtrack we share focuses on color grading.


Inspired by Ryan Booth and Aaron TharpeMarmoset's "Soundtracks for Color Grading" is a collection of pensive mid-tempo tracks handpicked to support workflow—mellow and meandering enough to not distract when you're deep in the color grading tunnel—with plenty of metronomic rhythms and the occasional anthemic chorus to keep you going while you're there.

Spanning genres from Indie Pop to Folk and Electro and loaded with curious, ethereal textures grounded by steady locomotion, these tracks are much more than just wallpaper. They will help free your mind—opening it up to the unexpected and allowing you to dive into the technical world of color grading feeling inspired and refreshed.