First impressions of the Easyrig Mini.

From tried and true monopods to cutting edge gimbal stabilizers, there are no shortage of amazing camera stabilizers available in 2015. 

For good reason too—they're incredibly important for storytelling.

As Story & Heart filmmakers Stillmotion put it, "How you move your camera is how you move your viewer." And being able to move your camera exactly as your story calls for has never been as possible as it is today. 

One such camera stabilizer which had been on our wishlist to try for many months is the Easyrig. This is partly due to the look and feel of the footage you get when using the stabilizer. But, equally as important was how it helps to save your back.

As a working filmmaker you must look after your well-being on set as much as your story.

With that sentiment, we looked at the stories we were filming for our Sony FS7 review. They were going to push our bodies to the limit, which meant there was no better time to try the Easyrig and put it—and us—through the paces.

After 4 days of grueling hikes, including a 1/2 mile of bouldering down to white water rapids, we couldn't be more impressed—and neither could our backs.

Here are our thoughts and first impressions on the Easyrig.

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