Master the art of storytelling this month.

It's no secret: we have a incredible appreciation for Story. 

It's half our name and 100% our mission—to help storytellers tell amazing stories, both through our video licensing platform and our filmmaking educational platform, Academy of Storytellers.

And with that being said, we're beyond excited to announce that June is Storytelling month at the Academy.

Yes, that's right. an entire month focused entirely on helping you tell amazing stories.

We've partnered with our friends at Stillmotion to bring you a series of 7 tutorials, all focused on the theory of storytelling, entirely free for all Academy members. That's 7 brand new video tutorials entirely about Storytelling Theory from a studio with 5 Emmy-awards and a patented storytelling process to their name

In these 7 tutorials we're going to cover a lot of ground: everything from the foundation of story, to how to connect your viewer to your story, to understanding plot and story-structure, to developing a clear vision to your story, to our personal favorite, 5 ways to start telling stronger stories today—as in, things you can do right now to immediately start telling better stories.

Now, we know, there's a lot of use of the word 'story' in this post—and just about everywhere else these days. But, it's for good reason.

Story is how we connect to the world, and mastering the art of effective storytelling is a skillset that will continue to benefit you over and over again.  

But up until now there hasn't been a clear path for filmmakers to learn the art of storytelling, which is why we're so excited to share this 7-part tutorial series with our community. Stillmotion has cleared the path and made the map available to Academy members.

As always in the Academy, you'll be able to ask follow-up questions, get further clarification, and receive personalized help from Stillmotion and the entire community in the discussions. 

It gets even better: we're going to wrap this tutorial series up with a live 90-minute webinar with Stillmotion.

Joining us will be Patrick and Joyce to walk you through applications of the education presented in the Storytelling Theory series, from wedding filmmaking to commercial anthem spots, all while answering your questions live.

Excited? Us too!

To participate in Storytelling month and get access to 7 brand new storytelling tutorials from Stillmotion, an additional 75 filmmaking tutorials (with 2 new ones every week), a bourgeoning community, live webinars, and more, head on over to the to sign up.