One amazing light...that we're giving away. Win a Westcott Flex Light!

Our friends at Westcott recently let us in on a little secret: They were working on a new light that would join our bestie, the Ice Light, in being a light we'd bring on every production. We were mightily intrigued with the promise, to say the least.

After all, we love the Ice Light. Filmmaking is tough, and anytime a product comes around that makes the process easier—even if just a little—we're game to try it out. And if it lives up to the promise, we look to add it to our kit. The Ice Light definitely makes the grade. 

So, when these new prototype lights arrived at S&H HQ, it took only a few minutes to realize how powerful—figuratively and literally—they were.

Meet the Westcott Flex.

A flexible, color accurate, and down-right powerful LED fixture available in various sizes. In an of itself those features are handy, but what causes the Flex to be a light that truly makes the process of filmmaking significantly easier is how adaptable it is.

Stuff it in a china ball, gaff tape it to a wall, hide it in the fridge, shoot with it in the rain, attach it to a monopod, use it with a softbox or scrim kit, and pack it in just about any camera bag. Even better, you can power it from an outlet, a Flex battery pack, or through a d-tap cable. 

We have found a need for the Flex on every production. Which is why we're so excited to be partnering with our pals at Westcott to be giving away one of these amazing lights to our community.

That's right, we're giving away a Flex! Details below.