Go On Set with Joe Simon and The Delivery Men

Are you ready to go behind the scenes on a real film shoot?

Now's your chance! 

We joined Joe and The Delivery Men crew while they filmed their new narrative short, LOW TIDE, to capture extensive behind-the-scenes footage...and we mean extensive.

The result? An in-depth filmmaking course, On Set with Joe Simon and The Delivery Men.

With over 4 hours of content, you'll learn how LOW TIDE was made, from pre-production all the way through post-production. We’ll also be hosting a live director’s commentary and Q&A session for course participants (You’ll have to bring your own popcorn, though). And it gets even better: sign up before July 14th at 9PM PST to save $30 off the price of the Academy.

Why should you sign up? We’re firm believers in learning from the best of them, and that’s why we're so excited to share this course full of insights from Joe, Hussain, and Gina—the talented team behind The Delivery Men. Going behind the scenes to really analyze everything they did will give you a new perspective on making the choices that collectively create an amazing film.

So what exactly will we cover?

Let’s dive into what’s inside our new course, On Set with Joe Simon and The Delivery Men.

In the first tutorial we get right to  the heart of the matter—the story of Low Tide. Where it came from, how it was written and developed, and the tools The Delivery Men used to ensure they captured everything they needed. As we all know, story is key to a film’s success!

Low Tide wasn’t a local shoot, which added some complications and challenges...and that’s an understatement. A task as simple as finding a prop table became an exercise in futility. In the second lesson, we chat all about producing, including scouting, props, wardrobe, and crew.

Next, we dig into locations for our third tutorial. Low Tide was filmed in Seaside, Oregon, a location that shaped the story from day 1. We’ll share how the team found the locations used, got permission to film in them, and dealt with the challenge of working in live environments.  

Then, we’ll look into the casting process in our fourth tutorial. The film’s success depended on two actors, so it was crucial to find stellar actors that could carry the story. You’ll see The Delivery Men's process for finding talent, working with an agency, and going through auditions and callbacks.

After talent is secured, it’s all about directing them for a great performance. In our fifth tutorial we’ll go into how to work with actors to get great results. Co-directors Joe and Hussain will talk about how to give the praise and critiques that will elevate an actor’s performance, and share advice for aspiring directors.

We’ll dive into gear for tutorial six. We’ll start with the star of the show, the camera—the Arri Alexa Mini—and then go into lens choices, covering the why, what, how, and when that goes into choosing a lens for a shot.

For tutorial seven, we’ll talk stabilizers and taking the DIY approach to get the shots you need as we breakdown the pivotal swingset scene. Learn how The Delivery Men built out a Kessler dolly on the fly—in the dark at 4 AM, no less.

Then, we’ll talk about lighting the roulette scene for our 8th tutorial. You’ll learn how little details can make all the difference, and how to get the feel of a motel room at midnight in the middle of the day.

For our ninth tutorial, we’ll venture to the arcade. Lighting, directing, and controlling sound in a public place is no easy feat—see how The Delivery Men rose to the challenges.

Speaking of challenges, in our tenth tutorial, we’ll talk about all of the on-set obstacles, and how the team overcame them. From waiting on weather to securing location releases, you’ll get the inside scoop on how The Delivery Men problem-solve.

After the shoot wraps, we’ll go straight to Adobe Premiere, covering everything in tutorial eleven from organization and rough cutting, right through to the final picture locked edit of Low Tide.

Then, we’ll get a little more technical. In tutorial twelve, we’ll look at how the team used sound design and soundtracks to round out the film’s mood and immerse the audience into the story.

In our thirteenth tutorial, we’ll look at how The Delivery Men graded the film in post. But we’ll also talk about how they used lighting and camera settings during production to set themselves up for success for the grade.

For our grand finale, you’ll get to tune into an exclusive director’s commentary webinar with Joe and Hussain. That’s right—you’ll get a chance to ask any unanswered questions about the making of Low Tide, or for help with any other filmmaking questions you may have.

And that’s the complete rundown of our Academy of Storytellers course, On Set with Joe Simon and The Delivery Men. Are you excited yet? We certainly are! To get access to this course and a bunch of other filmmaking resources, sign up at the Academy of Storytellers.

Have any more questions about the course, or any hesitations about signing up? We’re here for you—ask us below!