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Grade for Purpose: Color as a Visual Language

Terry Gilliam’s latest film  ‘The Zero Theorem’ was released here in Portland recently, so a bunch of us from Story & Heart trudged through the pouring September sunshine to see it. (Yes, sunshine. I don’t know who told you it always rains here, but it’s a myth.) 

The film got us to thinking about how we use color in filmmaking—as well as films we’ve loved that are rich in their use of color. 

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4 filmmakers, 4 MoVI setups.

It's no secret we love our Freefly MoVI M5 and M10 at Story & Heart—the diversity in the movement that's possible with a single tool is unparalleled.

Equally as important, the Freefly team are great people—filmmakers themselves—who understand it's not just about pushing creative limits, but also showing up on set with a reliable and battle-tested tool that will handle anything you throw at it.

Out of the box, the MoVI is simple to get up and running quickly with a camera and lens.

But, where do you go from there?

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Helping out your friend, the Sun. 4 tips for modifying natural light.

So, you’ve done everything you can to make the most of the unmodified natural light, but you’re stymied. It’s just not enough.

Which means it’s time: it’s Summer, yeah, but it’s also the ripe moment to step in and give your light that extra help it needs to tell your story the way you know it needs to be told.

How do we do that? It’s still pretty simple:

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Motion equals emotion. 5 ways to move your story with purpose care of Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion.

Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion tour finally made its purposeful way to Portland last week, and while we attended Directing Motion expecting some serious schooling in moving the physical vessel of capturing a story, we left with a new sense of revitalization about a director’s purpose.

A purpose so much broader than the route any piece of gear follows.

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The ultimate explorer's camera? A review of the Panasonic GH4.

There is no such thing as a perfect camera.

After all, like anything you’d pack for any production, a camera is just a tool—a means to an end. We’ve said it before: what matters most to any filmmaker is the beating heart behind their camera.

So, then, why are we reviewing Panasonic’s new GH4?

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Kit and caboodle. What Story & Heart is bringing to the Final Four.

Saturday, it begins: the Gators at the Huskies, and the Badgers vs. the Wildcats, the alphas of the animal kingdom come to Texas to see who will reign supreme.

As may be apparent in our last Blog post, we’ve had March Madness on the mind all week. And now, March Madness has finally given way to April focus; the Final Four is upon us.

We mean “us” literally—we’ll be there in Dallas too.

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1000s of filmmakers. 5 ideas to take with you on every production.

Sometime after the odometer sped well past 6,000 miles, we forgot what day it was.

Or maybe it was before that. Somewhere in Arizona, somewhere in Texas, somewhere in Alabama: we began to interpret time in physical landmarks, in the personalities of the people we met—using anything but a calendar.

Because, for the past 43 days, Story & Heart has helped Stillmotion bring the Storytelling With Heart Tour to a city near you.

More than a way for us to support our good friends as they inspire filmmakers across the continent, the tour has served as our first chance to meet the Story & Heart community face-to-face.

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Storytelling in tune. Finding the perfect soundtrack for your film.

It’s there in the name. No fuss, a clear call to action: Travel Oregon.

Of course, here at Story & Heart we wonder why there even needs to be such a call—isn’t it a well-known truth that Oregon is a heart-stoppingly gorgeous place? That this blocky state nestled in the upper corner of the country seems to be full of transplants for a reason?

People come to Oregon because they know we’re in tune with our surroundings.

Although we may just be biased.

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Comfort, care, collaboration, and coffee. Designing a workspace fit for family.

Some 40 miles northwest of Houston, at the end of a rural road lined preternaturally with trees, ranches, and truckstops—a road where it’s almost too easy to get stuck driving behind a semi for more than 30 minutes—is a town where 31Films and Film Lab Creative built a studio space they were more than happy to call home.

The town is called Magnolia, Texas. Which also happens to be where every team member lives.

The idea of home plays a crucial role in 31Films’ workplace. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it’s one almost habitually avoided in practice.

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Smooth operators. Understanding Adobe Premiere's Warp Stabilizer.

Meet Jeremy. He's what we here at Story & Heart call a Harmonizer.  

In a sense, he conducts a digital orchestra of footage—an opera of data. He arranges subtle nuances of color and audio and leads massive crescendoes of data acquisition.

We asked Jeremy to spill some truth on one of his favorite editing functions, the Premiere Pro's Warp Stabilizer. It can often be a complex tool, even intimidating.

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