We ask storytellers, “What’s your one truth?”

Let’s start off by stating an obvious fact of life: Following your passion is tricky business; staying true to your purpose is never easy. We live in a world of ambiguity, where differing shades of gray blend together to fog our vision. It can be really tricky to see through the mist and stay true to your calling.

But we know from our experience as storytellers that we can accomplish incredible things and tell amazing stories when we let our hearts guide us. That’s what Story & Heart is all about.

With that front of mind, we traveled to over 40 cities and asked hundreds of storytellers to tell us the one thing they know to be true about the craft of filmmaking. Their illuminating answers are — quite literally — all over the map, but the truths they shared certainly have inspired us. We hope they do the same for you.

Here’s a big dose of inspiration to help you stay focused on telling the stories you were born to tell.

A big special thanks goes out to all of the incredible filmmakers we met on the road. You are all amazing.

Ask yourself this big question: What’s the one thing you know to be true about filmmaking? Share your answer with us in the comments below.