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First impressions of the Easyrig Mini.

If you're not looking after body, you're not going to be a filmmaker for long. With that sentiment, as we looked at the stories we were filming for our Sony FS7 review and how tough they would be on our bodies, there was no better time to try the EasyRig and put it—and us—through the paces.

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A peek inside the Academy of Storytellers.

The Academy sounds great on paper, right? But what does it actually look like? How does it work? We can talk all day about why we decided to reinvent the online film school through collaboration and stories. But today we wanted to take the chance to take you behind the scenes and give you an exclusive look.

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4 filmmakers, 4 MoVI setups.

It's no secret we love our Freefly MoVI M5 and M10 at Story & Heart—the diversity in the movement that's possible with a single tool is unparalleled.

Equally as important, the Freefly team are great people—filmmakers themselves—who understand it's not just about pushing creative limits, but also showing up on set with a reliable and battle-tested tool that will handle anything you throw at it.

Out of the box, the MoVI is simple to get up and running quickly with a camera and lens.

But, where do you go from there?

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The beauty on your block: 3 ways to find story in the details.

We’re now half-way through our second week of Tell Amazing Stories, Story & Heart’s first-ever 4 week collaborative filmmaking course, and we've challenged our attendees to find beauty in their everyday, and in turn they taught us so much more about the importance for any storyteller to be present.

But how? Here are 3 ways we’ve learned to be more aware, to be more present in the moment, care of our Tell Amazing Stories course.

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Magic happens in 5 days. Tell Amazing Stories Update.

In less than one week—only 5 days actually—we kick off our first ever 4 week collaborative learning adventure: Tell Amazing Stories!

While we’re geeked that so many incredible filmmakers will be on board to serve as the best professors for which any storyteller could ask, and though we can’t wait to see what kind of collaborative films we’ll build together, there is one thing about which we are tremendously stoked:

Tell Amazing Stories will teach you everything you could ever need to discover the stories you love, lift them to unimaginable heights, and carry them away all on your own terms.

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Breaking down the blockbuster: how Godzilla reminds us that no story is ever too big to tell.

If you saw Godzilla over Memorial Day weekend, you know that the meat and potatoes of any monster movie is enormity.

Which can get to is the heart of every storyteller’s, well...biggest fear:

Some stories just feel too big to even attempt to tell, even when we know we must.

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The first waves are in: we are now accepting Filmmakers to Story & Heart.

At Story & Heart, we’re building an ecosystem—a network of support; a haven for true expression; a place that creators and their creations can call home.

So we’re thrilled, delighted, and even a bit hysterical to announce that the doors to Story & Heart are finally opening...

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10 things our filmmaking community taught us about storytelling at Ask Us Anything.

While we’re still basking in the afterglow of a night of burning questions answered—of our filmmaking community come together to help each other tell the stories we love—we continue to process all of the lessons learned and the new friendships forged.

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7 important filmmaking questions asked by you. A taste of Ask Us Anything.

The time has finally come!

Well, actually: tomorrow, the time will finally come!

Our Ask Us Anything Live Story & Heart Community Event kicks off at 6:00 PM PST—that’s tomorrow night—and we can already barely contain our excitement for what we’ve got going down.

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Storytelling, team-building, and the magic in between. A conversation with Stillmotion.

The story of Stillmotion is all about collaboration.

Or maybe flip that around: for Stillmotion, collaboration is all about story.

For more than a decade, from wedding films to a feature-length documentary and the Final Four, from Toronto all the way across the continent to the West Coast, the filmmakers in Stillmotion—a full-service production studio based out of Portland, OR—have always depended on story to guide them—their past, their present, and wherever they’re going next.

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