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7 Books to Read to Become a Better Storyteller

As we’re always looking to tell better stories, we think it’s a good idea to consider how our ancestors taught the craft of storytelling: by listening to master storytellers weave their tales. Here are 7 books that will help you to tell better stories. 

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The why of the samurai. How to rediscover your passion for storytelling.

That person to the right is Dom. He's what we here at Story & Heart call a Connector.

Dom works in the spaces between the people and places of our community. Be it through our social media outlets, this Blog, or in person, he links the many pieces of Story & Heart—our talent, our voices, our passion—together. 

Dom's a pretty big samurai movie buff, so we asked him to write about one of his favorite films—and more importantly, help us understand how that film, a quiet flick about feudal Japan, rekindled his love for telling stories.

Dom bowed geekily to our request.

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Storytelling is what makes us human.

Storytelling is written into our DNA. It's an organic cornerstone to our existence. As Jonathan Gottschall, a scholar who's written at length about the "intersection between science and art", has said:

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

We can't help ourselves. Storytelling is one of our strongest, oldest impulses.


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