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30 key storytelling lessons from 58 filmmakers.

We asked filmmakers to rally together—not for us, not for themselves, and not even for the Storytelling Parade prizes.
We asked them to rally together to tell the story of individuals or organizations doing good for the world—to share their stories in hopes of inspiring the world. 

What happened was nothing short of magical.

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Grade for Purpose: Color as a Visual Language

Terry Gilliam’s latest film  ‘The Zero Theorem’ was released here in Portland recently, so a bunch of us from Story & Heart trudged through the pouring September sunshine to see it. (Yes, sunshine. I don’t know who told you it always rains here, but it’s a myth.) 

The film got us to thinking about how we use color in filmmaking—as well as films we’ve loved that are rich in their use of color. 

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4 filmmakers, 4 MoVI setups.

It's no secret we love our Freefly MoVI M5 and M10 at Story & Heart—the diversity in the movement that's possible with a single tool is unparalleled.

Equally as important, the Freefly team are great people—filmmakers themselves—who understand it's not just about pushing creative limits, but also showing up on set with a reliable and battle-tested tool that will handle anything you throw at it.

Out of the box, the MoVI is simple to get up and running quickly with a camera and lens.

But, where do you go from there?

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Helping out your friend, the Sun. 4 tips for modifying natural light.

So, you’ve done everything you can to make the most of the unmodified natural light, but you’re stymied. It’s just not enough.

Which means it’s time: it’s Summer, yeah, but it’s also the ripe moment to step in and give your light that extra help it needs to tell your story the way you know it needs to be told.

How do we do that? It’s still pretty simple:

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The ultimate explorer's camera? A review of the Panasonic GH4.

There is no such thing as a perfect camera.

After all, like anything you’d pack for any production, a camera is just a tool—a means to an end. We’ve said it before: what matters most to any filmmaker is the beating heart behind their camera.

So, then, why are we reviewing Panasonic’s new GH4?

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Smooth operators. Understanding Adobe Premiere's Warp Stabilizer.

Meet Jeremy. He's what we here at Story & Heart call a Harmonizer.  

In a sense, he conducts a digital orchestra of footage—an opera of data. He arranges subtle nuances of color and audio and leads massive crescendoes of data acquisition.

We asked Jeremy to spill some truth on one of his favorite editing functions, the Premiere Pro's Warp Stabilizer. It can often be a complex tool, even intimidating.

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How many days have you forgotten? A conversation with Gnarly Bay.

In a small studio in Westerly, Rhode Island, two filmmakers are doing what they love: living each day as if it were their last.

Their names are Dan Riordan and Dana Saint, of Gnarly Bay Productions

If you’ve visited their Vimeo page, then you know that the power of their films lies in their ability to translate huge emotions through slight moments and even slighter gestures.

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