Ask Us Anything: A Live Story & Heart Filmmaking Community Event.

Story & Heart’s first-ever live filmmaking community event went down Tuesday, April 29th—we hope that if you were there, you enjoyed it as much as we did.

While our incredible panel of filmmakers were unable to answer everything, they did, appropriately, touch on anything—from visual inspiration to critical validation, from day jobs to the DNA of storytelling, our filmmakers graciously opened up themselves to our community to talk about where their creative journey’s been, and where it’ll go next.

We were also—and still are—extremely excited to announce that you can now apply to be a Story & Heart Filmmaker! Join our community, begin to upload your stories, and explore what we have in store.

For over 90 minutes the #HangoutWithHeart was an amazing success for our filmmaking community, and we couldn’t have done it without the participation of literally 100s of exceptional storytellers, friends, and partners.

But if you weren’t there—of if you want to relive the Hangout—watch the full event stream below:

In fact, since so much information was available throughout the event, here’s something of a helpful Appendix to keep on hand while you tune in to the stream:

Our fantastic filmmaking panel:

Gnarly Bay (@gnarlybay)

Rhode Island’s Gnarly Bay has worked for everyone from Verizon to Bounty, but they're still hard to pin down: between month-long excursions to the far corners of the globe and rarely publicizing commercial work, they have the definition of the “passion project” down pat.

Stillmotion (@stillmotion; @joycetsang)

Calling Portland, Oregon home, Stillmotion is a multiple-Emmy-award-winning production team with a special focus on education for filmmakers. In addition to work for such folks as Showtime, CBS, and Canon, they recently finished their first feature-length documentary, #standwithme.

Vincent Laforet (@vincentlaforet)

A Pulitzer-Prize-winning, L.A.-based photographer and director, Vincent has shot for such sources as The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic—to name a small few—and has consulted for Apple, Leica, Adobe, and Canon.

Film Lab Creative (@filmlabcreative; @31joey; @tharpey)

Hailing from Magnolia, only a winding stone’s throw from Houston, Film Lab Creative was born from 31Films to provide services from inception to polished production for such clients as Nike, CBS Sports, HP, Bravo, and the Salvation Army.

The Delivery Men (@thedeliverymen; @joesimon)

Parlaying BMX videos into wedding films, Joe Simon now runs the Delivery Men out of Austin, working for both not-for-profit organizations (the Andy Roddick Foundation) and forward-thinking outlets (Rogue Runners, Urban Outfitters).

Capture Studios (@capturestudios)

Minneapolis houses Capture Studios, a full-service production company who, between providing creative solutions for ESPN, the Minnesota Twins, and the Boys & Girls Club of America, still finds time to do wedding films and lead adventure-based educational workshops.

Ryan Booth (@ryanbooth)

Yet another Texan on our panel, Ryan's directed work for MTV, Sony, Universal, and EMI. It makes sense his experience is a bit music-centric: he runs Serialbox Presents, a live, one-take, multi-track performance series that’s been featured on NPR, Paste, CMT, and Rolling Stone.

Our event partners:

Ask Us Anything would never have even been a glimmer in our eyes without the friendship and support from the following partners, who both provided our attendees with some incredible giveaways and stood by our side as we put the whole event together:

Films critiqued:

During the event we took some time to hold a live critique of three films submitted by our filmmaking community.

1. "Waves of Life" – Luka from Slovenia (@brightvisuals)

2. "Mutiny" – Cody from Indiana (@CodyBCreative)

3. "Vení | Pre-Wedding Adventure" – Brian from Washington (@willowcraft)

Reading list:

We covered a number of broad topics during the discussion. Here is some reading to aid in future discussions on the same aspects of filmmaking, storytelling, and community:

Storytelling & Collaboration

Gear & Tools


What’s next?

Besides sharing this page with your friends to enter to win even more giveaways from our wonderful partners listed above, here’s what you can do now to continue building this filmmaking community with us:

Apply to be a Story & Heart Filmmaker:

We can’t wait for you to be a part of our community, but first you need to apply. The application process may be a little different from what you’re typically used to, but you might as well get used to it: because together we’re saying goodbye to what “typical” stock footage platforms expect.

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