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The Academy is a non-stop well of filmmaking education and inspiration. Fresh weekly tutorials, interactive webinars, lively discussions, downloadable templates, and so much more.

At the center of it all is a community of wonderful humans who, like you, want to tell amazing stories with video and are there to help each other make that possible.

From pre-production to post-production—including cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, storytelling, and connecting with people—to the important but rarely discussed topics around running a sustainable and profitable business, we cover a lot of ground in the Academy.

And everything is taught by working filmmakers—such as Stillmotion, Joe Simon, Gnarly Bay, 31Films, and Ryan Booth—who day-in and day-out are out there telling amazing stories and running successful filmmaking businesses. 


"Seriously, the stuff you have in the Academy is gold. I love the content here. I went to school for a degree in digital media creation that emphasized film production and I've learned more through this site than the 4 years at school."

—Eric Riley

Non-Stop Filmmaking Education
and Inspiration


Each week we release 2 brand new tutorials in the Academy. And with 80+ that are already live, you've got a lot of binge watching to do. :)

But don't worry, unlike most filmmaking tutorials that are out there, Academy tutorials are bite-sized, entertaining, educationally sound, and immediately actionable.

And if you don't fully understand the information or how to apply it directly to your unique situation or business, you can join a discussion where both educators and community members alike chime in.

"Y'all do an amazing job at boiling down a lot of complicated information into Oreo chunk sizes that are forever memorable and instantly usable."
—Christopher Robinson

Understanding Interview Eyelines

By Stillmotion

Too often we forget to plan an eyeline ahead of time, and then end up with whatever occurs after we position the lights, camera, and the interviewer. Make a story-conscious decision and get the right eye line for your next interview. Here's Stillmotion to show you how.

6 Tips for Efficient Video Editing

By Joe Simon, Matt Brue, Ray Tsang, and Story & Heart

Editing is no easy business. Here are 6 tips and tricks we employ to shave time off our editing process, while also making the experience far more enjoyable. Hawaii vacation, anyone? 

How is the Academy different from MUSE?


In last week's Academy webinar, which was also opened up to MUSE members, we discussed the difference between MUSE and the Academy. Here's Patricks response:

"I can combine my MUSE skills with the education and training I get from the Academy to sharpen my storytelling skills. What an explosive storytelling combo."
—Furhana Afrid

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