Are you a filmmaking team of one?


Here’s your chance to go on set with Emmy-Award winning filmmakers Ray Tsang and Justin DeMers as they walk you through the entire filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production, all from the perspective of a solo filmmaker.

Much more than just a single course...

Fresh weekly tutorials, interactive monthly webinars, helpful and friendly discussions, downloadable templates (budget forms, creative briefs, etc), and so much more make up the Academy of Storytellers.

At the center of it all is a community of wonderful humans who, like you, want to tell amazing stories with video and are there to help each other make that possible. You won't find egos, negativity, or any topic off-limits (including nitty-gritty filmmaking business details) in the Academy.

Tutorial and webinar topics cover pre-production to post-production—including cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, storytelling, and connecting with people—to the important but rarely discussed topics around running a sustainable and profitable business. And with 125+ tutorials already live, you've got a lot of binge watching to do. 

But don't worry, unlike most filmmaking tutorials that are out there, Academy tutorials are bite-sized, entertaining, immediately actionable, and educationally sound, and each is taught by a working professional filmmaker (between all of the educators there are 10+ Emmy Awards, multiple Vimeo awards, 30+ Vimeo Staff Picks, a Peabody Award and more). 

"Y'all do an amazing job at boiling down a lot of complicated information into Oreo chunk sizes that are forever memorable and instantly usable."—Christopher Robinson

And if you don't fully understand the information or how to apply it directly to your unique situation or business, you can join the discussion where both educators and community members alike chime in to help.

Curious what we mean by bite-sized, entertaining, immediately actionable, and educationally sound tutorials? Check out 2 free examples below.

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