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4 Week Collaborative Filmmaking Course

Do you ever wonder when your education as a storyteller will come to an end—when you’ll finally have everything you could ever need to go out and tell amazing stories?

It’s a nice thought: graduation day! An end to all those growing pains, all that learning, all that hard work! And from that point the stories that will move millions just come pouring out of you effortlessly.

So...but here’s the thing: there is always more to learn, always new worlds to explore, always new stories to discover.

Education is a journey, not a destination.

A storyteller’s path has no end. 

You've gone to workshops and conferences to find the latest in camera gear, to open your eyes to new ways to express purpose and passion, to meet some like-minded filmmaking folk, or to pick the brains of manufacturing wizards.

You're always up on the latest industry news. It seems like you read constantly: blogs, reviews, articles, and think-pieces. You are always watching films, trying to pick up on technique, trying to bask in the brilliance of storytellers who seem to have it all figured out.

All of that inquiry...but only more questions.

Experience is the best teacher, and community the best classroom.

We learn when we do. And we learn better when we collaborate.

Which is why we’re practically bursting at the seams to announce Story & Heart’s first interactive educational opportunity:

Tell Amazing Stories: 4 Week Collaborative Filmmaking Course!


This 4 week filmmaking course is designed to get at the heart of what it is to create an amazing story—not by telling, but by doing. Together.

So, you won’t just be participating, you’ll be actively telling an amazing story with us, all the while learning how to do so on your own. We set you up with a prompt, a challenge—an Exploration—and you go out and experience first-hand how you’ll never tell stories the same way again.

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do.

Each week we'll host a live Google Hangout where we break down everything that goes into telling amazing stories.

We’ll be joined by some of our best filmmaking friends, all of whom are part of the Story & Heart community.

Then, Story & Heart will issue an Exploration to put what you, what we all, just learned to use immediately. Think of an Exploration like a hand-picked prompt—it’s a topic that gives you a huge opportunity to both make a film with some fellow like-minded filmmakers and learn a ton in the process!

And at the end of the week, Story & Heart will put together a collaborative film from all the footage you’ve submitted.

And then what?

After this month-long course, every time you head out you’ll carry with you a tight set of skills, and some seriously developed storytelling muscles: everything you need to lift an amazing story and carry it away.


Learn from: Stillmotion, Joe Simon, Gnarly Bay Productions, Ryan Booth, and Capture Studios.

Each week Story & Heart, Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion, and 1 guest filmmaker will reveal the Exploration subject and educational goals.

The amazing part: each filmmaker will have filmed the Explorations themselves. During the webinar they’ll share their own stories—the challenges they overcame, the successes they got excited about, and the film they came up with. Then they will fill us in on the things that will make us successful in completing this Exploration and carrying these skills forward into our filmmaking practice.

Afterwards, we’ll open up the e-floor to a live chat on all things storytelling—we mean it: no subject is taboo when it comes to helping you push down your storytelling path—and in general get you started on your Exploration with tips, tricks, and techniques.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find, build, and tell a compelling story, from beginning to end, from idea to execution;

  • Identify the arc of your story;

  • Make the most of elements naturally on hand, such as light, environment, and the talent you’ve discovered on set;

  • Make effective, budget-minded, story-driven gear choices;

  • Capture better on-camera audio;

  • Get your talent excited and expressive on camera;

  • Find, build, and encourage authenticity;

  • Make the most of natural light;

  • Conduct proactive, not reactive, pre-production; and

  • Capture astounding shots.


Each Monday we’ll hit you up with an email about the coming Exploration, but that’s not all. Oh no, that’s not all. Because Tuesday evening we will host the hour-long Google Hangout, which is where we start conjuring up the magic together.

The weekly webinars will feature Story & Heart, Stillmotion’s Patrick Moreau, and one guest Educator introducing that week’s Exploration. Then we'll show the films created under that week’s Exploration topic. Finally, we’ll open up a live chat to all attendees, and give you the chance to ask those all-important questions about that week’s Exploration.

Throughout the week we’ll be sending you additional resources that will give you a bigger picture on the collaborative film: the voice over script, the soundtrack we’ve chosen, and a reading list of articles and media related to the Exploration.

And then, by Sunday night at 9 pm PST, you submit all of the footage you’ve filmed for that week’s Exploration.

On the following Tuesday’s webinar, we’ll show you the collaborative film we’ve edited from everyone’s contributions and kick off another action-packed week, introducing the next Exploration.

Make magic. Together.

Registration is now closed.

But, there's still good news! You can still apply to be a Story & Heart filmmaker to access everything from Tell Amazing Stories.

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